Taking the TuitionPledge

"I will do what I can to solve the student debt crisis in the United States!"

Student debt being added every year
Students graduating with student debt
(85% in private universities)
Student loan delinquency

The Student Debt problem (at a glance)

The Numbers

Current population with student debt
44.7 Million
Average debt upon graduation
Average time it takes to pay off the debt
22 Years
Student debt now
$1.6 Trillion

The News

NY Times: Loans ‘Designed to Fail’: States Say Navient Preyed on Students
Time Magazine: How the Student Debt Complex Is Crushing the Next Generation of Americans
Forbes: Report: Your Student Loans Have A Hidden Cost

The TuitionPledge Solution

There is enough private wealth in the United States to take care of this problem:
Private wealth owned by top 10% households in the US $68,000,000,000,000 If you own $100, it equates to 18 cents annually to solve this problem

What is the TuitionPledge?

The TuitionPledge is a movement to inspire and invite America’s leaders, CEOs, corporations, and families to commit to contributing their wealth and time towards solving the student debt crisis

The TuitionPledge platform is a connected technology platform that not only facilitates a benefactor relationship between sponsors and students, but a mentorship as well.


Benefits for Sponsors

Sponsor Dashboard
Sponsor Dashboard
Setup your own Scholarship
Setup your own Scholarship
Lifelong Mentorship Platform
Lifelong Mentorship Platform
LIVE Tracking of Student Progress
LIVE Tracking of Student Progress
Tax Deductions as if contributing to a public charity
Tax Deductions as if contributing to a public charity
Total Transparency: See your sponsor monies at work
Total Transparency: See your sponsor monies at work
Dedicated Support: Online account person
Dedicated Support: Online account person

Our Fees

9% Fee
The lowest in the industry
Why the 9% fee?

The 9% fee serves the sponsors by:

  • It helps us build the growing sponsor outreach teams
  • It helps us build the student outreach teams
  • It helps us build the collective influence teams we require to solve this problem
  • It helps us build and maintain the organization that stands the scrutiny and diligence of sophisticated sponsors
  • It helps us build and maintain the live, connected technology platform, which also serves as a mentorship platform
  • It helps us prevent fraud, and helps us be compliant with various entities we need to be

The Company

TuitionPledge is first of its kind technology non-profit. As you can watch an Uber ride in progress, or see the calories you are burning add up in a Peloton class, we are a technology company that lets sponsors see how their philanthropic dollars at work, and the progress students are making.

Tech Stack

Client Side
Server Side
Amazon Lightsail
Load Balancer
API Gateway
Amazon Lambda
Amazon S3
Amazon Cloudfront
Amazon S3 Bucket
AWS Cloudwatch
Utilities / Business Tools
Gmail API

Student Outreach

We have campus representatives at these universities and growing. These campus representatives are spreading the word about our platform, and encouraging students who would be taking on student debt to register into the student pool.

Berkeley University of California
Boston College
Boston University
Brown University
University of Chicago
Colgate University
Columbia University in the City of New York
Cornell University
Duke University
Emory University
Fordham University
Franklin & Marshall College
Lafayette College
Loyola Marymount University
University of Miami
University of Michigan
Northeastern University
Northwestern University
Notre Dame
University of Pennsylvania
Rutgers The State University of New Jersey
USC University of Southern California
Spelman College
Syracuse University
Trinity College Hartford Connecticut
Tufts University
Vanderbilt University
Villanova University
Wake Forest University
Williams College
Yale University

The Student Team

Representing our student team of 70 campus representatives, all these students are passionate and volunteering significant time towards solving this problem that will affect their generation the most.

Rhea Saggi
Rhea Saggi
Class of 2022
Wharton School of Business
University of Pennsylvania

Favorite Toon on the subject:

Ana Brant
Alyssa Tasker
Class of 2022
Spelman College
Major: Economics

Favorite Toon on the subject:

Healey Cypher
Nicholas Archambault
Class of 2021
Yale University
Major: Finance

Favorite Infographic on the subject:

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